Claudia Shi

CS PhD student at Columbia University

Claudia.j.shi AT


An Invariant Learning Characterization of Controlled Text Generation

Carolina Zheng*, Claudia Shi*, Keyon Vafa, Amir Feder, David Blei (*equal contribution)

ACL 2023

Evaluating the Moral Beliefs Encoded in LLMs

Nino Scherrer*, Claudia Shi*, Amir Feder, David Blei (*equal contribution)

NeurIPS 2023 (spotlight)

Open Problems and Fundamental Limitations of Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback

Stephen Casper, Xander Davies, Claudia Shi, Thomas Krendl Gilbert, Jeremy Scheurer, Javier Rando, Rachel Freedman, Tomasz Korbak, David Lindner, Pedro Freire, others

On the Misspecification of Linear Assumptions in Synthetic Control

Achille Nazaret, Claudia Shi, David M. Blei

arXiv:2302.12777, 2023

Causal-structure Driven Augmentations for Text OOD Generalization

Amir Feder, Yoav Wald, Claudia Shi, Suchi Saria, David Blei

NeurIPS, 2023

On the Assumptions of Synthetic Control Methods

Claudia Shi, Dhanya Sridhar, Vishal Misra, David M. Blei

International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (Oral), 2022

Conformal Sensitivity Analysis for Individual Treatment Effects

Mingzhang Yin, Claudia Shi, Yixin Wang, David M Blei

Journal of the American Statistical Association, 2022

Invariant Representation Learning for Treatment Effect Estimation

Claudia Shi, Victor Veitch, David M. Blei

Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (Long talk), 2021

Adapting Neural Networks for the Estimation of Treatment Effects

Claudia Shi, David M. Blei, Victor Veitch

Neural Information Processing Systems, 2019


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